Cottage Porch Rocker

A lower seat and closer arms make this small rocker just right for a petite person.
Crafted from solid ash wood with your choice of paint and/or stain colors.

Our porch rockers are manufactured in Pennsylvania by a small family-owned shop.  These wooden rockers are built with top-quality ash lumber.  Much care is given to the details in cutting, sanding, and assembling the rockers.  Each rocker is built using a combination of Gorilla Glue, all stainless steel fasteners, and an age-old interlocking joint technique.  Each one is carefully sanded between the two coats of high-quality exterior paint.  You have every reason to believe that your money will be well-spent.  These excellent quality rockers, with proper care, will last you for many years.

SKU: 302


Dimensions: 26W x 41H

paint colors


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